Shark Deluxe Steam Mop S3202 Reviews

I just visited relatives out of state who had the nicest hickory hardwood floors (tongue and groove) I’ve ever seen. I asked how she cleans them and she said she has only ever used the shark deluxe steam mop s3202 on them and showed me. The wet residue left over evaporated within a second – by the time I’d knelt down to touch it, it was 100% dry. I thought, “wow, my Bona method stays wet MUCH longer.” I use the Bona spray bottle, 2 to 4 squirts to cover a 4 foot section, and on my hands and knees wipe it down and move on. I ask people not to step on it till dry, usually in about a minute.

shark deluxe steam mop s3202

Considering her floor is GORGEOUS and the Shark steam cleaner hasn’t done any damage at all, and she has been cleaning it this way for 2 years, and it gets 1/10th of the liquid on it that I do using Bona, please explain the harm in using steam cleaners?

I simply don’t understand. Yes, I get water and wood don’t mix, but Bona is 100% liquid so how is it less damaging?

If steam cleaning is so damaging, why does my relative’s floor look so fabulous?

Also, we have standing bits of water on the floor daily. Not large amounts – a 1/2 cup or so and I wipe it up as soon as I see it, but again, if the miniscule bits of water from the steam cleaner will ruin it, why does 1/2 cup of water not ruin it? One time, our kids accidently left a sopping wet towel overnight on the hardwood floor and it did buckle about 2 boards and within 8 months it was back to flat again even.

I hear what everyone is saying about water and wood not mixing, it’s just not been my experience at all. Please, please help me understand because I really want to get the Shark and just put the Bona directly into it.

Shark Deluxe steam mop cleaners has completely dazzled the consumers of today, due to their effective cleaning on hard surface floors. These extraordinary deluxe steam mop cleaners are manufactured by the leading brand of home cleaning appliances known as the Shark. Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mop cleaner is considered to be one of the top selling home cleaning appliance by Shark Company nowadays. It is a steam cleaner which a consumer can use to clean hard surface floors made of marble, hardwood and tiles easily and effortlessly. Consumers will be able to use this impressive deluxe steam mop cleaner for several cleaning purposes.

Overview of Features Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mop cleaner

Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mop cleaner has abundant features, which will surely amaze the consumers of today. It is a lightweight deluxe steam mop cleaner made by Shark, which makes it easy to carry around during cleaning. It also comes with a long connecting wire, which makes the consumer avoid the use of extension wire. It comes with two types of pads, which can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. The long handle of this steam cleaner will allow you to reach and clean every nook and corner of your house in an effective manner. Moderately, the price of Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mops cleaner is less than the other company’s deluxe steam mop cleaners available in the market. It comes with one year warranty, which can be easily claimed at any Shark service center.

Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mops cleaner will help the consumer to avoid the use of heavy water buckets to carry around, as it has a massive water reservoir of its own. The water reservoir of this astonishing steam mops cleaner is easily removable. It also comes with a user guide DVD, which will help the consumer to assemble it in an effective manner. This steam cleaner cleans your hard surface floors without allowing you to do rinsing and wringing in an effective manner.

The most important feature of this remarkable deluxe steam mops cleaner by Shark is that it only uses water to clean your hard surface floors and does not use any sort of cleaning chemical, which has an adhesive smell. It is a steam cleaner which will instantly dry your hard surface floors after cleaning.

Pros and Cons Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mop cleaner


  • It is a lightweight cleaning machine with remarkable capabilities to clean hard surface floors
  • Spare parts of this deluxe steam cleaner are easily available in the market
  • It is an economical price deluxe steam cleaner
  • It has an advanced heating system which heats the water instantly
  • It only uses water for cleaning in an effective manner


  • It comes with a short length connecting wire
  • The micro fiber pads are made of cheap quality material


After doing a comprehensive review of Shark S3202 Deluxe steam mop cleaner, it is found that it is fully equipped with all the advanced features, which are required in an impressive steam mop cleaner. The popularity behind this amazing steam mop cleaner is due to its astonishing cleaning capability in a reasonable price. The Shark Company has done an amazing job in manufacturing this amazing home cleaning appliance, which consumer of today can use for several cleaning purposes.

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